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"We still have a lot to learn about the nature of value and the value of nature"


Green Accounting for Indian States Project (GAISP)

Estimating the value of agricultural cropland and pastureland in India                         


Monograph 1 The value of timber, carbon, fuelwood, and non-timber forest products in India’s forests

Monograph 2 Estimating the value of agricultural cropland and pastureland in India

Monograph 4 The value of biodiversity in India’s forests

Monograph 5 : Estimating the value of educational capital formation in India 

Monograph 7 Accounting for the ecological services of India’s forests: soil conservation, water augmentation, and flood prevention

Monograph 8 Accounting for freshwater quality in India 

Green Accounting Methodology for India and its States : Published in Environmental Accounting, Explorations in Methodology, ed.Amitabh Kundu and Micheal von Hauff, Manak Publications pvt. Limited, 2008 pp 73-92

Green Accounting for Forest Resources in India and its States : Published in Environmental Accounting, Explorations in Methodology, ed. Amitabh Kundu and Micheal von Hauff, Manak Publications pvt. Limited, 2008 pp 120-139

Green Economy

UNEP’s Green Economy Report : Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication, Synthesis for Policy Makers

The Economics of Ecosystems & Biodiversity (TEEB)


TEEB for Local and Regional Policy Makers ReportThis report is planned to be a useful advisory tool for local and regional policymakers, administrators and managers. The information in this report will also be of interest to organisations such as NGOs, regulatory bodies, permitting agencies and the judicial system.

TEEB for Policy Makers Report: This report demonstrates the value of ecosystems and biodiversity to the economy, to society and to individuals. It underlines the urgency of action, as well as the benefits and opportunities that will arise as a result of taking such action. 

TEEB for Business Report : Business and enterprise have a huge role to play in how we manage, safeguard and invest in our natural capital. This report is aimed squarely at this sector and will provide practical guidance on the issues and the opportunities created by the inclusion in mainstream business practices of ecosystem- and biodiversity-related considerations.

TEEB Synthesis ReportA synthesis of the approach, conclusions and recommendations of TEEB

TEEB Climate Issues Update : The Climate Issues Update was presented in Berlin in September 2009 and deals with climate-relevant economic aspects of biodiversity.

TEEB Interim Report :  A comprehensive and convincing business model for the conservation of biological diversity. This is the first interim report.

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