Pavan Sukhdev

"We still have a lot to learn about the nature of value and the value of nature"


Of Markets and Failures| Jan, 2015

The need for a right energy strategy as we enter the new year.

What we need in 2014: fewer leaders, more followers | The Guardian |  Jan, 2014

Corporate redesign has begun, writes Pavan Sukhdev, but these leaders and supply chains account for no more than 5% of the world economy

Mock advert exploiting women reveals disturbing corporate culture | The Guardian | April, 2013

Advertising is not ethically neutral, its very purpose is to influence, which makes the JWT/Ford advert all the more offensive

Will 2013 Bring a New, Sustainable World?| Huffington Post | Jan, 2013

The new year brings with it a host of ecological, governmental and social issues but a new world is, and has to be, possible.

Redefining Economic Success| SustainAbility | Nov, 2012

Pavan Sukhdev elaborates on ideas in his new book, ‘Corporation 2020’; on how corporations can align their own goals with those of their broader stakeholders and start moving us towards a green economy, while maintaining competitiveness and making a profit.

Changing Climate Forcing a Corporate Rethink| AlertNet | Sept, 2012

Changing climate patterns and heightened awareness of their potential impact are working together to force companies large and small to take note of their impact on the environment and in some instances take corrective measures, experts say.

The World of Corporation 2020| Island Press | Sept, 2012

In this extract taken from the introduction of his new book Corporation 2020, published this month, green economy expert Pavan Sukhdev argues that, for corporations and society to survive and thrive, we need to rethink the way business works

Pay Per Use: Making Sustainable Profits| Forbes India | June, 2012

Pavan Sukhdev on why it makes good business sense for ending the economic invisibility of nature and recognising the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Importance of Green Accounting | The Hindu | June, 2012

Double-digit GDP fixation is threatening India’s biodiversity and, ironically, its long-term growth and security.

Can we have progress without growth? | AFP | June, 2012

Pavan Sukhdev on why we need to redefine our concept of progress and move away from the neo-classical model of economic development, towards a sustainable future.

Sustainability: The corporate climate overhaul | Nature | June, 2012

The rules of business must be changed if the planet is to be saved, says Pavan Sukhdev.

Can Rio+20 deliver systemic change in the private sector? | The Guardian | April, 2012

Corporate models that discover, measure and account for externalities and a business environment free of perverse subsidies will lead us to a green economy, says Pavan Sukhdev

Pavan Sukhdev’s comments on the debate on Wilderness on the Economist website | The Economist | October, 2011

This is in essence a debate about valuation, in particular, about how people should value nature. Whether we call it “wildness” as Thoreau did, “untouched wilderness” as this motion does,  is perhaps less important than addressing what the institution of valuation means and does.

Green economics will reduce poverty – Pavan Sukhdev makes the case | CDKN | September, 2011

Pavan Sukhdev talks about how green economy and poverty reduction are related

The capitalist environmentalist and the price of nature  | Irish Times | August, 2011

Pavan Sukhdev says, the bill for ignoring nature’s services may not be affordable if we don’t start paying now

Three-dimensional capitalism | The Guardian | July, 2011

Economics isn’t just about markets

Focusing on GDP growth fails to account for the value of nature | The Guardian | July, 2011

Our economic compass is faulty, and it ought to be upgraded to reflect the role of natural capital

Amazon : A tale of two economies | The Guardian | June, 2011

Supporting communities who live in the Amazon rainforest to use the forest sustainably will help to protect it for future generations

Greening is the next industrial revolution |Tehelka | June, 2011

Pavan Sukhdev answers questions on green economy and its opportunities for India

Measure for measure | Corporate Knights | June, 2011

Pavan Sukhdev advocates for the implementation of a Green GDP

Sum of the trees is less than the forest  | Hindustan Times | June, 2011

Green accounting – India’s opportunity for environmental leadership

The tree of life bears costly fruit  |Tehelka | June, 2011

Pavan Sukhdev says that India should take  lead in implementing the green GDP concept

The banker trying to put a value on natureThe Guardian |May, 2011

The banker trying to put a value on nature: Pavan Sukhdev is pushing to create an accounting system that will force companies to assess the damage they’re doing

Putting a Price on Nature: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity | The Solutions Journal | January, 2011

Pavan Sukhdev talks about TEEB and the importance of putting a price on nature.

Nature in Numbers | Economic Times | November, 2010

Banker Pavan Sukhdev was outraged that economics was only about financial capital.He took a sabbatical, and is  now a crusader for measurment paradigms that also capture human and natural capital,Writes Naren  Karunakaran.

India and Brazil head move to ‘green’ economic future| BBC News |October, 2010

Governments are increasingly taking the economic value of nature into account in policy-making, with growing interest in results from a UN-backed analysis.

Putting a value on nature could set scene for true green economyThe Guardian |February, 2010

Much environmental damage has been caused by the way we do business. Is there a way of changing our economic models from being part of the problem into part of the solution?

Copenhagen climate summit: the threat to coral reefs must be faced now | The Telegraph| December, 2009

The likely demise of tropical coral reefs, and the human consequences, make the need for action urgent, says Pavan Sukhdev.

Costing the Earth | Nature | November, 2009

The value of biodiversity must be accounted for, says Pavan Sukhdev. It is time for governments to invest to secure the flow of nature’s ‘public goods’.


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